About NYSNeurology

Welcome to NYSNeurology! We are the New York State Neurological Society (NYSNS). Our mission is:

  • To promote and advance the practice of neurology in New York state;
  • To promote and advocate for the highest quality of care for patients with neurological disease and oppose anything that would interfere with this mission;
  • To offer educational programs and foster a sense of community for neurologists, neurologists in training, and allied professionals;
  • To become advocates for our patients and colleagues in the legislative process enabling us to make the needs of our patients and our members known to our government officials;
  • To provide a forum for neurologists in training for career planning in both academic and practice environments;
  • To provide a means and a voice to allow expression of opinions that will be for the benefit and advancement of Neurology.

Please feel free to contact us at any time by emailing nysneurology@gmail.com.

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