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The New York State Neurological Society (NYSNS) is incredibly excited to announce that starting in 2016 we are eliminating dues for membership in an effort to create a stronger community and involve more neurologists in our Society. What does this mean for you as a New York State neurologist? You are automatically a member of NYSNS and will receive updates from us and can participate in our online platforms. If you want to be more involved, please email us or fill out the form below to explore what opportunities are available.

To join, simply fill out our survey (only your name and email address are required information):

Why join the New York State Neurological Society?

This question goes to the heart of an earlier question that you had to answer in your life, “Why did you become a neurologist?” Every practicing neurologist had to answer that question when they decided to pursue a neurology residency.

No matter how different our reasons for becoming neurologists are, we have a common bond based on our decision to practice the stimulating science, and sometimes art, of neurology. However, sometimes the practice of neurology is different than we thought it would be. The business of neurology is not the same as the study of neurology. The business of neurology is malleable and molded by the economic environment in which we work. In 2015 our practices are being influenced by each and every one of the following (and more):

  • Federal Government: EHR, Meaningful Use, ICD 10, lack of Tort Reform, etc.
  • The Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (arbitrarily dropping reimbursement rates for EMG studies, Value Based Payment Modifiers, etc.)
  • State Government (I STOP, potentially legislating specific required course work for prescribing “controlled substances”, granting chiropractors license to do electrodiagnostic testing, granting NP’s the right to open up their own offices to see patients, etc.)
  • Insurance Companies (need to get approval for testing, need to write an increasing number of appeals for medications once prescribed without difficulty, etc. )
  • Big Pharma (increasing the cost of medications to the point that the insurance companies refuse to pay for it, etc. )
  • ABPN (producing increasingly difficult MOC requirements).

While sometimes we may feel like we have no control over these influences on our profession, that is simply not the case. By organizing, neurologists can influence these pressures being exerted on our profession and together seek beneficial change. One current example of this is Dr. Paul Mathew of the Harvard System, who pulled a Don Quixote move by challenging the ABPN regarding the fourth stage of re-certification. I signed onto his letter challenging the ABPN as did the New York State Neurological Society. Once the number of neurologists who signed onto that letter climbed from 65 to 350 to over 500, the AAN decided to support the challenge also. This is a current issue that demands active participation. You can find out more and obtain information about signing on to the letter on the New York State Neurological Society’s website.

The New York State Neurological Society (NYSNS) is an organization of New York neurologists who, despite the sometimes challenging environment in which we work, enjoy the specialty of neurology and who attempt to influence the pressures being exerted on our profession by joining together and advocating for positive change. As neurologists, we believe that what we do is important to fight for, and also to enjoy, because of its uniqueness. We specialize in the organ system that makes us consciously aware of who we are and what we are doing. We have strength in numbers and can influence the healthcare industry and the government through advocacy. We also educate ourselves about the nervous system, its diseases and its treatments, through academic conferences. This year’s conference will be in Cooperstown on the weekend of June 12 – June 14. It promises to be a weekend of learning and enjoyment. Information will soon be sent to you regarding topics and outings that the conference will offer. It will be an opportunity for you to get away from your daily “locale” and to go to a beautiful retreat of learning and fun. Don’t forget to bring the family since Cooperstown is a great place for a family weekend “away”. Finally, we create a community of neurologists through our bi-monthly email newsletters (beginning this month!) and our website that provides resources for neurologists.

We look forward to having you join us. Together, the greater we grow, the more we can share diverse perspectives and ideas and influence the pressures that are being exerted on us.

To become more involved in the NYSNS, email

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